A Caregiver's Guide :
Insights into the Later Years

     Johnson's first book combines knowledge of the grief and aging fields with illustrative vignettes, both her own and those of others.  She describes the various categories of grief that people can experience, and how those griefs can accumulate by the time a person is elderly.

     Caregivers can learn how to interpret behaviors and help patients learn to cope more effectively with their grief.  Readers will learn about caring for the patients' physical, mental and emotional health: conducting enjoyable activities to help patients (and caregivers!) engage in life; dealing with the stress of caregiving, caring for patients with dementia (including Alzheimer's disease); and dealing with the process that indicates death is near.  Johnson gives caregivers, both professionals and family members, practical tools to make caregiving a rewarding experience.

Dr. Johnson's book,
A Caregiver's Guide:
Insights into the Later Years 
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